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See the future today.

Our group is composed of the most motivated, talented, and ambitious students of business and finance. When you choose to work with the students of the University Valuation Group, you are choosing to trust the future of valuation and consulting talent.



Know your value. Know your market.

We know and understand your specific needs related to valuation as an enterprise owner. No two businesses are alike and we have the time, energy, and analytic ability to identify the valuation characteristics and nuances that makes you unique as a business. The University Valuation Group is truly a cohort of professionals that work for you.


Enterprise value and beyond.

Take the first big step to truly see your business from a whole new view. With the in-depth, enterprise valuation work produced by our group, you will gain new and valuable insights about your company's financial health, growth prospects, competitive landscape and equity portrait.



Our Story. Our Mission.

The University Valuation Group was founded in January of 2018 and set out with a simple mission: to provide businesses with an excellent valuation experience and allow the best and brightest university students to put their unique financial skills and expertise to work. The University Valuation Group is open to students of all majors and hopes to incorporate undergrads from Utah Colleges and Universities.



Analysing the Data
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Managing Director

Richard E. Haskell, Sr. is an Associate Professor (Finance) in the Gore School of Business at Westminster College, has a faculty appointment in the  Department of Economics at the University of Utah, and is a retired business owner.  His research agenda includes explorations into valuation modeling (discounted cash flows, multiples) in corporate finance,and the higher education and labor market effects of innovations in public education.


Senior Associate

Niklas Nihtilä is originally from Helsinki, Finland and moved to Salt Lake City after being recruited to the Men's Ski Team. He is majoring in Finance and minoring in Data Science and was part of the first runner-up team in the 2019 AICPA business valuation challenge. Niklas is excited to work as a part of the University Valuation Group, to assist the local business owners in financial decisions and to further his skill set and knowledge of the valuation field.

Project Manager

Katie Scott is a senior at Westminster College studying Finance and Marketing. Originally from Salt Lake City, Katie is excited for the opportunity with the University Valuation Group to continue using her knowledge in valuation. Along with her studies at Westminster, Katie is a member of Westminster's NCAA track and cross country teams.


Martin Arene is originally from Annecy, France and moved to Salt Lake City after being recruited to the Men's Alpine Ski Team. Martin is currently majoring in finance and marketing and plan on graduating in May 2021. Being part of the University Valuation Group is an amazing opportunity for him to sharpen his skills in finance and help out local business owners making great financial decisions.


Dylan Brauer is a junior studying Finance and Data science. Originally from Portland OR he is a 3rd-year member of the Westminster Men's Lacrosse team. Being part of the University Valuation Group will allow him to learn a lot about valuation and put his analytical skills to use to help local small businesses. In his free time, Dylan loves camping, skiing the best snow on earth, and watching professional basketball.


Alexandre Coltier is a senior at Westminster College studying Finance. Originally from Annecy in France, Alexandre came here to gain finance skills after graduating with a Bachelor in Management in France. Along with his studies at Westminster, he also competes with the Men's Ski Team. Alexandre has been part of the Westminster team that ended up 3rd in the Utah final of the CFA institute challenge.

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Victor Malmstrom is originally from Helsinki, Finland. He is majoring in Finance and expecting to graduate in May 2021. After Victor retired from professional ski racing he decided to redirect his life and educate himself at Westminster College. During his time at the college Victor has expressed high interest in business valuation and corporate finance. Victor is intrigued to be a part of the University Valuation Group and seeks to add his best expertise to its clients.


Originally from Mississippi, Reid moved out west with the Air Force. After his service, he stayed to attend college here at Westminster. Reid is a Junior that will be graduating in May of 2022 with a double major in Finance and Spanish. Reid expects from uval to expand his knowledge of the valuation field while assisting local business owners.


Annie is a senior majoring in Finance and minoring in Data Science at Westminster College, she founded the Asian American and Pacific Islander Life Program on campus. She is currently interning as a research analyst for Aceana Group. Annie is excited to be a part of the University Valuation Group this Spring and continue to improve her valuation skills while assisting local businesses.


Tony Nickerson is a senior from Salt Lake City who is thrilled to be a member of the uVal. He looks forward to gaining real world experience while also developing his valuation skillset. After graduating with a degree in marketing this Spring, Tony plans to continue his education by pursuing an MBA. Along with excelling in the classroom, Tony is also a nationally ranked track athlete.


Roman is a Junior studying Finance and minoring in Spanish at Westminster College. Originally from Russia, Pepelyaev in his second year at in the Bill & Vieve Gore School of Business and a member of the Men’s Lacrosse team. In his ree time he enjoys hiking, frisbee golf, tennis, chess and snowboarding.


Skye Timmins is a Senior majoring in Marketing at Westminster College. She has been on the Dean's List every semester, and is honored to have been invited into Delta Mu Delta International Business Honor Society. Skye previously attended a college prep high school, the Academy of Math Engineering and Science, in Murray, Utah. She is currently working as a Marketing Coordinator at a small apparel distributor in Salt Lake City, and is on track to graduate a semester early. While she is new to Uval, she is eager to learn more about financial analysis and expand her business capabilities.


Daymian Vajda is currently a senior at Westminster College, expecting to graduate in May of 2021. Originally from San Diego, Daymian is excited to be a part of the uval team and experience this real-world side of financial valuation. He also hopes to improve his own valuation skills along the way as he is interested in the different ways it may be applied to different types of companies. In his free time, Daymian enjoys playing basketball, snowboarding, and flying his drone around Utah.



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The University Valuation Group is a student led valuation consultancy. As a student led, academically sponsored group, the final materials and deliverables created by the group are to be utilized as academic research and for the sole purpose of introducing business owners to different methods of enterprise valuation. Clients of the University Valuation Group should not use University Valuation Group work and materials for any transaction, audit or investment related activities. It is highly encouraged that clients seek  the services of professional valuation firms if they wish to move forward with the valuation process.


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